• About Ikhwan Arif [REN35921]

    Strive with Patience. Deliver with Persistence.

    IKHWAN ARIF is a Registered Real Estate Negotiator on the MAXXAN REALTY SDN BHD. Ikhwan is passionate about all aspects of real estate, applying his knowledge and resources to work with each client to best serve their needs. Through a comprehensive and thorough approach, Ikhwan guides the client from the initial meeting through closing and beyond with care and integrity. He is efficient and responsive, using market knowledge to meet clients’ needs. His versatility and positive attitude are unmatched.

  • Advertise & Sell

    Services for Property Owner

    Property Inspection

    Property inspection exclusively for your property, collect property details to provide accurate information to a genuine buyer

    Image Capture

    We capture the best image for every corner of your house to attract buyers for viewing and close the deal.

    Property Advertising

    We work through several properties platform to increase the potential audience reach to your property advertisement

  • Negotiate & Deal

    Services for Property Buyer

    Loan Eligibility Checking

    Helping buyer to check their loan eligibility with selected bank

    Negotiation & Deal

    Negotiate the best property price with the owner, and secure the deal between you and the property owner. The earnest deposit will be secure with the agency stakeholder account to ensure the security of both parties.

    Loan Application and Lawyer Appointment

    We have past experience work with several competent bankers and lawyers. Our team will assist you in loan application with the banker to get the best offer rate. Upon signing a letter offer (LO) from the bank, we will appoint a competent lawyer to proceed with the legal wise procedures.

    Our team will keep updating you from the moment signing Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&P) until loan final disbursement & key hand over process

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